Volkswurst Food Truck Design


Food truck design is a kitchen on wheels.  It has its own very constraint spatial qualities.  The challenge was to create a very efficient kitchen that complements the efficiency of the Volkswurst service with elegant, beautiful design complimenting the characteristics of the classic kombi.  


Volkswurst is now a leading food truck in Sydney, with its very captivating and eye catching design, turns heads every time and draws on more photographs and tourist attention than the kangaroo.  Check out https://www.volkswurst.com.au/ for corporate and private catering – providing an incredible experience, serving award winning German sausages out of a unique kombi!


Location: Sydney, Australia

Client: Volkswurst

Year: 2015-current

Status: Completed

Program: Hospitality, Performance Space, Public Space, Retail, Work Spaces, Food Truck Design, Branding

Team: Beau Avedissian (lead designer + documentation); Pascal Maier, Karlheinz Maier (design team)



Design Model

Volkswurst Advertisement Design for Porsche Australia

The Process