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We aim to push the boundaries in both architecture and design.
We strive for timeless yet modern design.
We believe in inspiring and empowering others.
We believe in thinking differently.
We approach everything with an entrepreneurial perspective.
We are a boutique studio with the capabilities, experience and skill-set to design your one room renovation right through to an urban masterplan.
HyperArchitects is an international architecture and design practice, based in Sydney and Hong Kong.

Our philosophy has led us to create TUTU at home in 2020. TUTU is a homewares branch of HyperArchitects. We select very unique and special homewares, delivering it to you, or someone special. Our products are of high quality. We pride ourselves in good design. We believe, interiors should not fall short of good design, and a couple interior decor items can make all the difference.

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Hyperarchitects Beau Avedissian Beau Avedissian / B. Arch / Founding Director Beau has a Bachelor of Design in Architecture from UTS. He achieved first place in the Cosentino Architectural competition in 2017, won the FACS prize in 2018, and won The Best of Design Awards 2019 in the Unbuilt Interiors Category by Architect's Newspaper. Beau has worked on multiple projects from small scale dwellings to large scale healthcare developments.
Beau has written articles for KooZA/rch and Designboom, uncovering new ways to learn and build. Beau has interests in interdisciplinary design, with a focus on the human in space. He is passionate about designing for the senses, whilst utilising the latest technologies. Beau looks at the larger picture, the bigger impact that architecture can have on the world.
Hyperarchitects Jialu Huang Carol Avedissian / B. Arch / Founding Director Carol has a Bachelor of Design in Architecture from UTS. She has worked on international projects. After living in Paris for 5 years, she has a profound understanding of arts, architecture and design. Her recent collaboration was with Lydia Kallipotili on an infographic for the Design Museum in London called “Life on Mars”, which won The Best of Design Awards 2019 in the Unbuilt Interiors Category by Architect's Newspaper.
Carol has interests in interdisciplinary design, with a focus on high performance architecture. She is fascinated by healthcare architecture design, especially in improving spatial efficiency and user experience. Carol founded TUTU home - a homeware, decor and furniture extension to HyperArchitects, selling hand-made, high-quality, unique products around the globe.

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Slide About TUTU different. We believe in Love.
We believe in Craftsmanship.
We believe in Unique design.
We believe in High-Quality.
We believe in adding a little bit of Fun to Australian homes.

After spending 5 years in Paris - city of the arts - Carol Avedissian moved to Sydney and started TUTU. Carol loves spending her time in galleries and museums – modernism being a favourite. As a designer, understanding colours, forms and spatial experience comes naturally. Since founding TUTU, Carol works closely with the artisans, to deliver well-crafted and unique pieces that she loves, to her customers. Carol is building up her brand with love and care, and very open to different voices from customers. Quality is important, so each piece is visually inspected before being shipped to you.

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If you have any questions about our shop Tutu at home, please don't hesitate to ask us below!
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How to find us HyperArchitects has offices in Hong Kong, Zhongshan and Sydney.
Our international presence makes us very accessible to the Asia-Pacific region. If you would like to meet with us, please send us an email below so we can organise a meeting.

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