Kitchen design for the National Portrait Gallery of Australia

Reinventing the typical commercial kitchen.


This proposal was for the redesign of the kitchen in the National Portrait Gallery of Australia. We wanted to reinvent the typical commercial kitchen by literally flipping the organisational flow. Most kitchens are organised via the procedural flow on the horizontal axis. This kitchen explores organisation on the vertical axis. A range of climatic conditions are naturally present along a ramp that the kitchen works off which compliment each procedure. In this sense, a reduction in mechanical cooling and heating is achieved, as the cooler procedures positioned in the ‘lower altitudes’ and the hotter procedures positioned in the ‘higher altitudes’.  It is a kitchen of many climates.


Location: National Portrait Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Australia

Client: NGA

Year: 2016

Status: Conceptual Phase

Program: Hospitality, Sustainability Design, Renovation & Expansion, Interior Design

Team:Beau Avedissian (lead designer); Leena Thomas (environmental consultant); Rob Bullen (acoustic consultant); Joelene Elliot (lighting consultant)