Volkswurst Space Activation


There is something romantic about abandoned car parks, which is why the UTS Harris Street car park is of such interest.  Volkswurst, one of Sydney’s leading food trucks aims to activate the space, creating a secret German oasis in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, while generating interest for UTS Startups.


Volkswurst is teaming up with UTS Startups to create an exciting lineup of events to drive UTS student engagement in Startups. The space next to UTS Startups (located adjacent to Building 8 and Harris Street) is currently a redundant carpark. With its great location and spatial qualities, it has the potential to be a good
spot for students to get outside, socialise and engage with the UTS startups. We are proposing to activate this car park and make it a fun, inclusive and exciting atmosphere, that creates awareness for UTS Startups, to motivate and drive student engagement, and to expose as many UTS students to Startups as possible. Our proposal involves turning the space into a small lunch/dinner area with the Volkswurst food truck creating a warm garden-type atmosphere. We would use the space closest to Harris street (against building 8), fit it out with grass underfoot, benches and tables to sit and eat at, and umbrellas. Our idea also proposes that we will have minimal impact on the site, so everything will be temporary and will leave no trace once removed. The food truck is fully self-sufficient – it will provide all its own power, water and waste removal. We see this site as a special opportunity to create a space that is engaging, motivating, practical and inclusive for everyone. By running events in this area right next to UTS Startups, we can engage the Startups community and bring other students from all over UTS to meet these young entrepreneurs who are currently working hard on their own businesses. It is about creating a dynamic community of like-minded individuals – that is the ethos behind the UTS Startups program. These events will make people more aware of what UTS is doing with Startups and further spreading the word. The target outcome would be to expose as many students to UTS Startups as possible. As much as it is startup focused, it will be a space for everyone. The mood and atmosphere will be welcoming and all students can benefit from the networking opportunities and learn from the speakers. There will be German games, entrepreneurial activities, talks and networking. The site being adjacent to Harris street, allows for engagement with the general public. We will also conduct internal student marketing. This will engage and bring new students and public interest. The purpose for this activation isn’t just for another food spot for students to socialise in, but to bring students from all across UTS into the Startups area. Many students at UTS don’t know much about Startups, if at all. If we can attract students every week to this space for lunch, we can use this to create more awareness about entrepreneurship, the people in the space and the great access that UTS creates into the startup space.


Location: UTS, Sydney, Australia

Client: UTS Startups & Volkswurst Collaboration

Year: 2018

Status: Completed

Program: Space Activation, Outdoor German Beer Garden, Bar, Food Truck

Team: Beau Avedissian (lead designer)