Sanxin Maternity Hospital


Sanxin Maternity Hospital & Postpartum Care Center


Zhongshan’s first luxury modern maternity hospital & postpartum care center.

Our design looks toward modernity and timelessness.  We want to introduce this sense of elegance and beauty into the surrounding landscape of ‘dated’, ‘worn-out’ 80’s appropriated classical facades.  Our design references the late Neoclassicism and ‘stripped classicism’.  The maternity hospital is the most rebellious of the three buildings; as it begins with similar geometries, then pushes and pulls against them, to create moments of “bulges” and “movement” – reflecting the life within the woman’s body before birth.

There’s a Chinese tradition called “postpartum confinement”. Our client wants to establish a postpartum care center where the new mothers can have a pleasant post-birth experience. As a supplementary part of the hospital, after spending several days in the maternal suite, the mother would move to the confinement suite and stay there for one month or so. They can also choose to move in the confinement center first before due date.  Our design aims to achieve efficiency and effectiveness across all levels and across all three buildings.  Our design strategy accommodates seamless connections between each building, that can be accessed through the bottom plaza or by the bridges.  These bridges are one of the other elements that make our design unique.  They create these gestural “slices” throughout the development, with the middle “slice” cutting across all three buildings, making the top half of each building appear floating.


Location: Zhongshan, China

Client: Sanxin Group

Year: 2018

Status: In-progress

Program: Health, Maternity Hospital, Residential, Postpartum Care Centre, Confinement Centre Retail, Wellness & Recreation


Spatial Layout

A Site-Specific Moment