Sanxin Health Island

Hyperarchitects classical contemporary maternity hospital


A very special building in the heart of China’s Greater Bay Area.  Sanxin Health Island includes an array of health related services such as a general hospital, luxury wellness retreats, hotel, shopping center and restaurants. 


Sanxin Health Island is located in the developing central district of Zhongshan.  Since the near completion of the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge, Zhongshan is now a leading city, playing an important role linking all the major cities in the Greater Bay Area together – Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hongkong, Macau and Zhuhai.  Across these mega cities, there is a growing need of wellness centers and hospitals.  In particular, the growing rate of emerging upper class is the fastest in the Greater Bay Area, than anywhere else in the world.  The development aims to cater for the aging upper class, and this can be showcased in its luxurious appeal.

Taking inspiration from the classical Parisian architecture, Sanxin Health Island delivers a very unique architectural design that is a statement of time. Buildings found in Paris and of greater Europe usually are low laying buildings, but are never seen as tall buildings or ‘skyscrapers’.  Applying these design elements on the 30 story development that visually works, makes Sanxin Health Island stand out in Zhongshan, and will be a building that is remembered and trusted.

The massing of the 150,000 square meter development responds to the unusual shape of its site: bending around the perimeter, and to allow for a central promenade to cut through the site.  The promenade is a grand gesture and alludes to Parisian streetscapes.  Functionally it opens up the space, allows light in, creates a vibrant space and separates the programs into two distinct zones: (1) 20,000 square meter Hotel, 10,000 square meter Shopping Center and Conference Center and the 2000 square meter Grand Ball Room from the (2) 40,000 square meter Hospital and 60,000 square meter Wellness Retreats.  The development sits on a 5-story podium that wraps around the base of these buildings.  On the top of the podium are three secluded gardens.  One is privately accessed for the Wellness Retreats.  One is for the hospital, and one is for the hotel.  The fine dining restaurant and the Ball Room will also open onto the latter garden.  On the ground level, a large park will be open to the public to use.


Location: Zhongshan, China

Client: Sanxin Group

Year: 2019-Current

Status: In-construction

Program: Health, Hospital, Residential, Hotel, Retail, Wellness & Recreation