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Furniture Collection

Seamless, efficient, easy and won't break the bank.
Bringing together the best of both worlds from HyperArchitects and TUTU, we now offer an interior fit out, decoration and styling service.
We curate personalised design solutions within existing or new spaces including homes, apartments, hotels, workplaces and yachts.

Our service extends to VIP clients gaining access to a concierge sourcing ability to find any item on an exclusive marketplace. We are able to stylise, select, order, deliver and install.
View catalogue here Tutu at home interior furniture and design Highlights: > High-end luxurious items - either hand-made or handcrafted from the finest materials.

> Complimenting your space - with our collection we provide unique pieces that will beautifully compliment your space.

> Save you time , and energy - imagine a hotel experience for your own home, just bring your personal belongings and the space is already completed with furniture for you to immediately settle in. We offer an extended service for premium VIPs, who are looking for something very special, something particular that you cannot find in your city:

> Extensive sourcing capabilities - this service is unlike other furniture shops or interior designers. Finding the right piece can be difficult, and searching around is very time consuming and often unrewarding. We offer this service almost like how a concierge would organise anything you need.

> Providing high-end furniture for competitive discounted pricing packages - with over hundreds of products, materials and decor, you can save up to 90% off from similar products found in-store. Making this a high-end cost efficient opportunity.

> 3D visualisation and augmented reality purpose built for you to be able to visualise your space.
Tutu at home unique contemporary porcelain vase interior architecture
Discover your personal interior fitout package with us now.