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XR Immersive Realities
Immerse yourself. We provide 3D renders and all the 3D capabilities for you to visualise your space. We can offer an added service of XR immersive reality, which basically involves VR and AR options for you to experience your space in a more realistic way. We use the latest advanced technology, which distinguishes us from other architectural practices. 3D modelling We turn your project into a 3D model which we use for testing, rendering and if you would like to experience it in an immersive way. Hyperarchitects Google headquarters Sydney architecture visualisation Rendering We provide renders that best suit your project and capture your space in an emotive and realistic way. This is perfect for illustrative, marketing and investment purposes. Hyperarchitects Diamond Ball shopping mall 3d render Animated Videos We provide highly realistic animated videos of your project, with moving people and cars to help further visualise your project and create content better suited for marketing purposes. Physical 3D model We handcraft physical 3D models that captivate an audience. Our models are handmade with precision and passion. Depending on the purpose of the model, i.e. conceptualisation, marketing or collective purposes, we pick the best suited materials. Hyperarchitects modeling model making Virtual Reality Experience This extends beyond the drawing, where you can feel the space before its even built. This service, we believe, is an investment. Virtual reality can be experienced through the use of a VR headset - where you are immersed in total 360 degrees. This creates a more collaborative approach to fine tune a design that you love. This experience can be fun and amusing, as we also have the option to be able to turn your design into a game that can be played on any console or computer. Hyperarchitects VR AR visualisation experiences Augmented Reality Experience Augmented reality uses our current reality as a backdrop to view your project. This can be experienced through the use of a headset or on a device such as your phone. We can visualise what the project may look like in our current reality such as on the actual site with its actual context around, or what a particular material finish may look like in a room amidst construction. This has a great advantage, as we usually look at architectural models from above, the XR experiences helps you to visualise your project at the human scale. Hyperarchitects 3d modeling ar ai vr Experience something truly special now.
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