Sanxin Maternity Hospital

Sanxin Maternity Hospital & Shopping Center


Zhongshan’s growing population has an increasing demand for maternity hospitals and larger retail spaces.  Sanxin Maternity Hospital, located near the developing central district of Zhongshan, takes inspiration from the classical Parisian architecture.

Local architecture observed around the district tries to appropriate classical European architecture, however fails to articulate it well.  Jialu Huang, director and lead designer of HyperArchitects, studied and lived in Paris for many years.  Bringing her experience to the table, delivered a very unique architectural design that is a statement of time. Buildings found in Paris and of greater Europe usually are low laying buildings, but are never seen as tall buildings or ‘skyscrapers’.  Our client wanted a development reaching towards 20 stories high.  Applying these design elements on a skyscraper that visually worked was a challenge we enjoyed.

Location: Zhongshan, China

Client: Sanxin Group

Year: 2019

Status: In-progress

Program: Health, Maternity Hospital, Residential, Postpartum Care Centre, Retail, Wellness & Recreation