Slide Architectural + Design Consulting We are your design experts and consultants We provide a large range of consulting and design services with personal and direct service. Depending on what suits your situation we can offer early schematic designs, architectural consultation, conceptual design, any branding, graphic and marketing design such as logos, advertisements and banners, and food truck designs. We can provide basic plans and sketches to be able to clearly communicate your idea for further development. Hyperarchitects client meeting Consultation The consultation is important to us. No matter how small or big your idea is, we are here to bring it to life. Our consultations vary depending on the situation and what is appropriate. It might be a chat over a coffee or a sit down going through iterative idea generations. We love listening and we are constantly curious. The consultation will involve offering appropriate creative suggestions to challenge and push the design to new creative heights. If you do not prefer to be so involved with the design, we can also take on the project and steer it towards a significant high design. Hyperarchitects hand drawing site visit China Hanergy Sketches & Conceptual Drawings Consultation is an on-going process which begins at the very beginning and right till the end. Sketches and conceptual drawings can help with this process, as they are a great, efficient way to clearly communicate ideas. Their 'fastness' allows for quick iterative results to develop an idea and reach a fantastic result early on in the process. Hyperarchitects school of originals competition project Plans, Sections, Elevations & 3D Models Basic plans, sections and elevations can be generated quickly to test ideas. This is due to our fast 3D modelling skill set, to bring your idea to 3D reality early on in the process. This is important, as we understand that not everyone can read plans and sections, so the 3D model allows for an easier mode of communication. Hyperarchitects Volkswurst food truck kombi Other Consultation Services At HyperArchitects we provide a range of other consultation services: These extended services include:
- Interior Design Consultation
- Residential Renovation & Extension Consultation
- Marketing and Branding Consultation that includes: logo design, banner design, branding design, advertisement design
- Food truck design and small scale innovative spatial design
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